Volcanic eruptions formed the Canary Islands, just off the coast of Africa. The smaller of the two main islands, Lanzarote is unique in natural beauty and rich in folkloric legend. The Genoese named the island during their 14th century visit. In 1730, a violent volcanic eruption occurred, creating six new mountains. In 1824 another massive eruption spread molten lava all over the island. It was these geographic upheavals that gave the island the unique, almost lunar landscape of the Fire Mountains, now Timanfaya National Park. View the home of César Manrique, the island’s most famous artistand native son. The outside and upper level of his home, now a museum, is inspired by traditional Lanzarote architecture. Constructing buildings as organic form, the interior spaces of his home utilize five volcanic bubbles for the main rooms.

港: アレシフェ(ランサローテ島)


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