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Go Local Tours Cultural Discovery Through Local Communities

旅慣れた方や未知の場所や体験をお探しのお客様にぴったりのツアーは、地元の人ならどこへ行き、何をするかを考えることから始めます。Go Local Tours provide a more direct way for you to experience the culture of a destination through the communities within. アンダルシア地方にある家族経営の山羊農場で1日を過ごし、何代にもわたって守られてきたチーズ作りを学んだり、ポルトフィーノの住民と共に釣を楽しんだり、パルマ デ マヨルカの個人スタジオで地元アーティストの仕事ぶりを垣間見たり。多くのゴー ローカル ツアーは、無料で無制限の寄港地ツアーに含まれていますが、割引追加料金が必要なものもあります。ゴー ローカル ツアーで、実際に現地で暮らす人々の目を通して世界を体験し、お気に入りの目的地の隠れた魅力を発見してください。Click here, to learn more about each destination and the shore excursions offered in every port.


  • Paella Tradition — Become a Local

    Paella Tradition — Become a Local

    Learn to make traditional paella at a farm in nearby L’Horta, an agricultural region on the outskirts of Valencia, where all the ingredients grow or can be found. The owner of the farm will show you around the grounds and point out some of the many garden items that will make it into your paella meal.

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  • おとぎ話のようなシュヴェリーン城

    Dine Like the Locals, With the Locals

    Enjoy a delightful meal with a local family in their home, where you will gain an authentic understanding for Bordeaux’s culture, cuisine and highly esteemed wines. You will enjoy a leisurely drive through medieval Bordeaux to a private residence, where the owners will warmly welcome you. During your visit, your hosts will prepare a traditional dinner, one that they might cook on a typical day. There is no better way to understand a local culture than through its food, especially when prepared in a private home rather than a restaurant.

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  • Helsinki Through the Eyes of a Local

    Helsinki Through the Eyes of a Local

    Experience local life by exploring food markets and a shopping mall, sampling Finnish cuisine and then strolling a serene waterfront park. The day starts with a visit to the most popular food market, Kauppahalli, to observe and taste the variety of local fish, meat, and cheeses. Take a local tram toward Kamppi Center to visit the two most famous Finnish supermarkets before touring the underground Central Bus Station, which connects Helsinki with the surrounding towns.

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  • Insider Access in Edam

    Insider Access in Edam

    Enjoy an insider’s look at life in Edam by visiting with a local family and then touring a cheese-making facility to see how Edam’s famed cheese is produced. After departing from the pier, you will enjoy a short but scenic drive to Edam, which lies just north of Amsterdam. Although synonymous with its namesake cheese, Edam offers much more, especially when you observe the city through the eyes of a local.

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  • Old Traditions in Cadmos & Ljuta Village

    Old Traditions in Cadmos & Ljuta Village

    Watch local villagers demonstrate how flour was made centuries ago in a water-powered mill, how wool was processed and how bread was traditionally baked under an iron dome. After departing from the pier, you will settle in for a relaxing and picturesque drive inland to the village of Ljuta. Little has changed in Ljuta over the centuries and following tradition is still cherished, especially in how food and other items are produced.

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