Vanuatu has been inhabited for thousands of years, the oldest archaeological evidence dating to 2000 BC. In 1605, the Portuguese explorer Pedro Fernández de Quirós became the first European to reach the islands, believing it to be part of Terra Australis. Europeans began settling the islands in the late 18th century, after British explorer James Cook visited the islands on his second voyage, and gave them the name New Hebrides. Nestled in the verdant embrace of Erakor Rainforest, discover the ancient folklore and culture of a Melanesian village. Hike to the top of a 65-foot cascading waterfall, and enjoy a refreshing swim in a rock pool and incomparable views. Embark on a sailing yacht bound for the Pango Peninsula and snorkel the turquoise waters of Paradise Cove. Markets sell everything from island jewelry to gorgeous handicraft bags, to traditional sarongs.

港: ポートビラ


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